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Thanks for visiting the OFFICIAL SndSampler site. Now available: the incredible new version 4.4.2! This awesome update (free to all registered users of any version 4.x) includes Declicking, Dynamic Range Control (compressor, limiter, noise gate, etc.), two more user-customizable tool bar buttons, Amplitude Histogram, enhanced Superimposition, enhanced mixing capabilities, extended menu item keyboard shortcuts, and much, much more!

For those of you new to this neck of the woods: SndSampler is a simple-to-use yet powerful sound editing application for the Macintosh, chosen by author and Macworld columnist David Pogue for inclusion in his best-selling book, Mac Secrets. Here are some of SndSampler's more salient features:
  • Supports 8 and 16-bit, mono/stereo, sample rates up to 64 kHz
  • Extracts/saves sound resources from/to any file or application
  • Allows you to record audio data directly to your hard drive so you can create sounds bigger than RAM (great for dictation or making audio CDs)
  • AIFF segmenting for working on sounds that are bigger than RAM (great for making audio CDs)
  • Imports CD audio directly from the CD (use "Import" from the File menu)
SndSampler Rocks!
  • Imports/exports: Sun, NeXT, WAVE, QuickTime movies, raw audio, ASCII text, Sound Designer II, more
  • Can play hundreds of audio files in succession when you drop them on the application's icon
  • Allows synching of sounds to QuickTime movies via a simple movie editor


Want to listen to some way cool examples of what you can do with SndSampler? Or perhaps you'd care to read what the critics are saying about this fine application program. You might also want to peruse the list of known bugs or report a bug. If you have a bug to report, please check first to see if it is already known.

How much does it cost? For the unbelievably low price of $30 (USA) you become a registered user of all versions 4.x (i.e. any version which starts with the number 4) of SndSampler, even those versions 4.x which will be released in the future.

Can't hardly contain yourself waiting to download this little beauty, right?

First try to download here:
placeholder text Official Site
If that doesn't work, try these:
 Info-Mac Hyperarchive
 Missing Manual

(Not all the second-try sites will necessarily have the latest version. But don't worry! You can register an older version 4.x now, and your registration code will work with any newer version 4.x whenever you're able to download it.)

The download is a binhexed (you'll need Stuffit Expander or some such utility to decode it) self-extracting archive which includes the application, manual, registration form (please use!), and other miscellaneous items.

Downloading on a pee-cee at work? No problem! Since the SndSampler archive is binhexed, it can be downloaded on any type of computer. All you need to do is put it on a disk and take it home to your Mac, where it can be decoded and uncompressed.

Looking for version 3.7.1? Send us an e-mail.



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