Both Apple , and its products, you can get many drawbacks. But there issomething that can not be denied: they have the best ecosystem compare him with the platform that compares. From Cupertino they have understood very well that it is making phones, tablets and computers not alone. Of course everyone can work very well separately, but if you add (if connected together perfectly and form an ecosystem) makes the result has added value. The best example is the Apple Watch , thanks to its seamless integration with the iPhone is able to get to where other accessories such as the Pebble. And the same happens between the clock and the iPhone also occurs with the iPad , Mac and even the Apple TV, which are today all the pieces that form the Apple ecosystem.

From Cupertino have understood very well that not only is making phones, tablets and computers

And living in an ecosystem has its advantages. Wherever you go you have all your data, whether contacts, tasks or files.And as each device is designed following the same pattern, all work in a similar way that makes everyday life much easier. Do not have to learn 5 ways to do one thingThis ecosystem also favors the creation of shared technologies further comprising each device each . We talked about the case of AirPlay (for watching videos on a second screen), AirPrint (for printing without cables), AirDrop (to send device files device by WiFi or Bluetooth), Touch ID and even iCloud that serves as the hub of communications cloud for almost all data.

Of course, the ecosystem not only provides benefits to users but also to companies that create them , since it is the best way of fidelity to your users.This is not only applicable to Apple and its hardware, applications and services, if not through the App Store can also take advantage of the ecosystem anyone who believes an application . If it is true that every year the requirements to be fully integrated into the ecosystem grow (only this year have added two new platforms and a handful of new APIs to adopt), but those who meet have a great advantage over the rest . Not only have “favor” of Apple (which promotes in its stores to include new features such as 3D Touch or iPad multitasking), but caring for their users.


Hence, if you want to maximize the advantages of having an iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac or Apple tv we recommend that you try one of these apps that not only integrate if not that give meaning to the Apple ecosystem:

  • 1password ( iPhone, iPad, Watch and Mac ): This is the password manager par excellence. It is not only the safest, but it is always the first ones you integrate the latest developments: from iCloud sync to iOS multitasking 9, to Touch ID.
  • MindNode ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): Today is one of the apps to create more complete (and easy to use) mental maps we can find in the App Store. Use iCloud to synchronize and even has a version for the Apple Watch where we can see our documents.
  • Things ( iPhone, Watch , iPad and Mac ): Now that we have improved the pace of development has improved, Things is one of the managers best positioned tasks market: it has a native app for watchOS 2 widget Notification Center and even an extension to capture new tasks from other apps.
  • OmniFocus ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): Like Things, OmniFocus is the first task managers to add all the news ecosystem: multitasking, widgets, Apple Watch … The safest thing is that even already have list your app for iPad Pro.
  • MoneyWiz ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): If we seek to keep track of our personal accounts this is our app. Moreover, as available on multiple devices it makes managing our money is easy: add expenses from the clock to check the data on the iPad.
  • Fantastical ( iPhone, Watch , iPad and Mac ): Thanks to its design and natural language Fantastical has changed the way many use the calendar.It integrates with iCloud, has a widget, an extension and the Apple Watch works natively in addition to having a complication for the sphere.
  • Day One ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): Since his arrival in 2011 has become the reference app for those who still write in a journal. Its integration with the ecosystem is such that it is able to add our activity, position, temperature and even the music you’re listening to an input to give greater context.
  • Deliveries ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): With it we can track our packages from all our devices. From the Notification Center widget to your wrist.
  • PCALC ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): The scientific calculator for excellence in IOS and Mac has recently launched its version for the Watch and is even expected in the Apple TV..
  • Pixelmator ( iPhone, iPad and Mac ): Unlike Photoshop Pixelmator is one of the graphic editors who can say they are part of the ecosystem: it integrates with iCloud, uses the latest processing technologies and iOS has up to an extension to edit images.
  • Paprika ( iPhone , iPad and Mac ): The app is responsible for saving our recipes and help us develop a shopping list as we go to cook. Although his version is the iPad, the iPhone and Mac are not far behind.
  • Tweetbot ( iPhone, iPad and Mac ): ? What about Tweetbot that was not said with its latest update can even respond to notices from the Apple Watch.
  • Reeder ( iPhone, iPad and Mac ): If you’re still news RSS Reeder is the best choice. It is compatible with most services and is available in all places where you want to read.
  • Djay ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): It is not only one of the most complete today for mixing applications, but it can say with confidence that none of its versions is a “toy”, not even the Apple Watch .
  • Next ( iPhone, Watch , iPad and Mac ): Focused on cost control and Cloud bookkeeping services, Next has been one of the apps that has better understood the concept of ecosystem and has adapted perfectly to each device .
  • Byword ( iPhone, iPad and Mac ): If ours is minimalist writing apps like iA Writer us fall short this is our app. It maintains the same idea but has added as interesting as the ability to publish to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr.
  • iA Writer ( iPhone, iPad and Mac ): If all you are looking for when writing is a blank page and want to leave out all distractions this is your app.
  • Clear ( iPhone, Watch, iPad and Mac ): If Things or OmniFocus is you are “big” and do not like the way it works is clear reminders app to manage your tasks. ICloud synchronization features, design and sounds really worked and is even has a widget for the notification center.

And you, what apps that integrate seamlessly into the ecosystem you do you use?