Useless Memory Hog

COOL NEWS FLASH! SndSampler was used by Graphsim to create audio files for the cool new Mac game Summoner! Uncool Epilogue: they didn't register their copy of SndSampler. :-(

So now you've got SndSampler, the ultimate Macintosh sound tool. Well, what'cha gonna do with it? Probably let it sit on your hard drive gathering dust, right? Not! Take a listen to the following audio-only QuickTime movies. (Note: you will need QuickTime 2.0 or later installed in your System Folder, and your Web browser must have the appropriate QuickTime plug-in. )

First we have a nice little strummed acoustic guitar.

Useless Memory Hog
Audio Copyright Notice

Now the same sound after processing by SndSampler. The gentle acoustic has become a PILE-DRIVING ELECTRIC BUZZSAW! (Careful--it's LOUD!)

Audio Copyright Notice
Useless Memory Hog

Wanna know how we did it? Simple.

The original guitar sound is 16-bit mono, 44100 Hz, and compressed via IMA 4:1. (The compression is only for faster Web delivery; you don't need to compress it in order for this effect to work.) The following steps will convert it into a heavy-metal monster.

What? That's not enough? Well, how about this: wouldn't it be cool to be able to smoothly transform a stereo sound into mono and then back again? Sure it would! Only how can you do it? Not to worry--with SndSampler it's easy! First, listen to the result (note that the effect is most noticeable with headphones):


This is an MP3-encoded QuickTime movie, so you're going to need QuickTime 4
or later installed in your System Folder and also the appropriate QuickTime
plug-in for your browser. Copyright © 2000 by Alan Glenn.

Now here's what you do:

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